Bunker: The All-Encompassing, Intuitive Backup and Recovery Solution

Built on globally trusted infrastructure and with decades of experience in cybersecurity and digital asset custody, Bunker is Station70’s digital asset key backup and recovery solution.

With flexible options tailored to diverse needs, Bunker safeguards and secures your digital assets.

A dynamic digital graphic on the right side of the webpage, showcasing a large, luminous, abstract circular motif in a gradient of orange to red, resembling an eye or celestial body, against a deep black to brown gradient background. The image is paired with text on the left that introduces 'Bunker' as an all-encompassing, intuitive backup and recovery solution for digital assets, emphasizing its global trust and flexibility.
A sleek, minimalistic digital graphic on the left side of a webpage, depicting a single, central abstract element resembling a stylized eye or target symbol in bright orange and red tones, set against a dark background. The design conveys a sense of monitoring and protection, aligning with the theme of essential protection services offered by the Bunker Standard package.

Bunker Standard: Essential Protection

The Bunker Standard package is designed for small to medium-sized institutions that need straightforward, reliable digital asset protection.

Wallet Support & Workspaces
Offers support for one wallet provider and up to three workspaces.
Basic coverage to protect against existential risks.
Recovery Service
Provides baseline recovery services, ensuring basic security and regulatory needs are met.
Cryptographic Check-ins
Customer-configurable annual cryptographic check-ins that are documented through a digital attestation process.
Access to a limited set of audit services, designed to meet fundamental security compliance requirements.
An abstract digital illustration featuring a central motif that resembles a stylized eye or target within concentric circles and curved elements, all rendered in shades of orange and red on a dark background. This design suggests themes of focus, precision, and technology, possibly representing the resilience and vigilance in disaster recovery solutions.

Bunker Enterprise: Advanced Security Solutions

Bunker Enterprise caters to large or complex institutions requiring extensive digital asset security and management. With unlimited wallet providers, premium insurance, and proactive recovery response services, this option is the optimal choice for organizations operating and investing at scale.

Wallet Support & Workspaces
Allows for up to three wallet providers and five workspaces—ideal for large institutions with a global footprint. Additional wallet providers and workspaces can be added.
Premium coverage offering protection for a broad range of digital asset risks.
Recovery Service
Proactive recovery services tailored to your operational protocols, providing enhanced capabilities during critical recovery phases.
Cryptographic Check-ins
Up to monthly check-ins that cover HSM operations and system integrity, all validated through a digital attestation process.
Audits and Other Services
A complete suite of audit services, including customizable, secure views for regulators and auditors.
An intricate digital graphic featuring multiple abstract elements that echo the design of a stylized eye or target, with additional smaller versions of the motif in the background, all in vibrant orange against a dark backdrop. These repetitive elements suggest a network of interconnected systems, symbolizing custom-tailored, high-security solutions for organizational needs.

Bunker Custom: Tailor-Made for Your Needs

Designed for organizations with the highest security requirements, Bunker Custom offers the flexibility to be hosted within your own data center or cloud environment. This option ensures that Bunker meets your exact standards and operational needs.

Incorporates all Bunker Enterprise features with the additional advantage of custom deployment and integration into your infrastructure.
An abstract, three-dimensional digital graphic representing a layered cube structure with a glowing core, rendered in shades of orange on a black background. The upper and lower layers of the cube are outlined, with the middle section appearing as a solid band that encases the radiant center, suggesting a strong, secure core. This imagery symbolizes robust and multi-layered security, appropriate for representing services like the Recovery Response Service that offers immediate and expert support for digital asset recovery.

Recovery Response Service: Immediate Expert Support

Exclusively available to Bunker Enterprise and Custom clients, Recovery Response Service (RRS) is a specialized service providing immediate access to expert human and technological resources for digital asset recovery. This service acts as a dedicated extension to your digital asset key backup and recovery plan, focusing on maximizing security, minimizing downtime, and reducing risk. RRS connects you with industry veterans who bring firsthand experience from managing critical incidents at leading digital asset organizations.

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