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Backed by a team of world-class engineers with decades of experience, Adam and Adam first worked together at BlockFi, where they built in-house MPC wallet technologies. Recognizing the gaps in the trusted infrastructure that serves the digital asset industry, they founded Station70. Starting with Bunker, their large-scale vision is to build trust and drive security to the forefront industry-wide.

Professional headshot of Adam Healy, a man with a beard, wearing a business suit and a blue shirt, smiling slightly and looking directly at the camera.

Adam Healy

CEO & Co-Founder

Former CISO at BlockFi and Bakkt, Adam Healy has been at the forefront of innovation and security for over two decades, during which he’s built and scaled several security and engineering organizations across both the private and public sectors.

Headshot of Dr. Adam Everspaugh, a man with light skin, short dark hair, and a slight smile, wearing a grey hoodie and a blue shirt.

Dr. Adam Everspaugh

CTO & Co-founder

Bringing a wealth of expertise in applied cryptography at Coinbase and BlockFi to the table, Dr. Adam Everspaugh’s extensive experience in production crypto key management is complemented by five patents in secure multi-party computation.

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