Global, Scalable, and Resilient Disaster Recovery Solutions

Counterparty risk continues to be a primary concern for institutional digital asset investors. As self-custody is an increasingly favored option among sophisticated companies, we offer trusted infrastructure for safeguarding assets against wallet provider interruptions and failures while also meeting complex security and regulatory needs.

An abstract digital illustration featuring a central motif that resembles a stylized eye or target within concentric circles and curved elements, all rendered in shades of orange and red on a dark background. This design suggests themes of focus, precision, and technology, possibly representing the resilience and vigilance in disaster recovery solutions.

Core features of Station70

Offering a resilient, wallet-agnostic platform for scalable and secure digital asset key backup and recovery. Designed to meet security and regulatory requirements of the evolving global digital world

Security and scalability

Station70 combines comprehensive security with scalable infrastructure, protecting your digital assets without stifling your institution's growth.

Global Regulatory Support:

Navigate the complexities of global digital asset regulations with ease and confidence. With globally hosted instances, Station70 enables backup and recovery that empowers you to comply with regulations across multiple jurisdictions.

International Operation

Your keys, where you operate. Complicated intermediaries and unnecessary analog technology will only delay and hinder your recovery processes when you need them the most; Station70’s solution is simple, straightforward, and supported by battle-tested hardware and cryptography.

An abstract, three-dimensional digital graphic representing a layered cube structure with a glowing core, rendered in shades of orange on a black background. The upper and lower layers of the cube are outlined, with the middle section appearing as a solid band that encases the radiant center, suggesting a strong, secure core. This imagery symbolizes robust and multi-layered security, appropriate for representing services like the Recovery Response Service that offers immediate and expert support for digital asset recovery.

Station70: Redefining Digital Asset Security

A Legacy of Protection

Our name, Station70, comes from the bunkers used in the historic CASTLE nuclear tests. Just as those bunkers protected the on-site physicists, our platform is built to provide the highest-security safeguards for your digital assets. Leveraging our founders' experience spanning national security and many years in the digital asset industry, we are dedicated to keeping your investments just as safe using thoroughly audited and trusted security practices coupled with technology built on the experience of protecting billions at some of the most prolific firms in the industry.

Adaptive Security Solutions

Station70’s security is designed to scale seamlessly with your institution, whether you’re managing a growing portfolio or expanding global operations. Our platform’s global footprint and dynamic technology enable continuous security and accessibility for your assets without requiring any knowledge of your keys in a zero knowledge architecture—eliminating counterparty risk entirely.

Engineering Excellence

Built by security engineers with a proven history of protecting hundreds of billions in digital assets, security and scalability are not just features; they are the core pillars of everything we build. Backed by proven hardware and protected by advanced cryptography, Station70’s platform enables trust and adds efficiency to your operations.

Bunker plans


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Support for Wallet Providers and Workspaces
Supports a single wallet provider and up to three workspaces.
Unlimited wallet providers and workspaces.
Insurance Level
Provides a basic level of insurance coverage.
Offers a higher level of insurance for comprehensive coverage.
Recovery Response Service
Includes baseline recovery services.
Includes a proactive recovery response service to support you during recovery processes that’s curated to your unique operational protocols.
Cryptographic Check-ins
Allows for annual cryptographic check-ins and system verifications with an attestation document digitally signed by Station70.
Provides up to monthly cryptographic check-ins covering HSM operations and system integrity attestations, all validated through an attestation document digitally signed by Station70.
Audits and Other Services
Comes with limited audit service options.
Includes a range of audits and tailored additional services designed to meet complex enterprise requirements, including secure, read-only regulator and auditor views that you can configure to your specifications.

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